Nokia symbian os, Linux os – iPazzPort KP-810-06BTT User Manual

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>Then click “search and connect”, the software will automatically finds the bluetooth keyboard

and build the connection, then you will see your bluetooth keyboard’s name at the bottom. Then

you can use your bluetooth keyboard now.

Re-build connection: if your device lost connection with your keyboard, message saying:

keyboard disconnected will display on the can re-build the connection by pushing

the bluetooth reset button (arrow 13)

Nokia Symbian OS

1.Connect your device to the computor and open the file “Nokia Wireless Keyboard Application”

and chose your device model or operating system version, copy the *.sis file to your device.

2. In your Nokia Symbian Mobile Device, find the file *.sis copied and press button “ok” to

install the software

3. Run the installed application and search the bluetooth device.

4. After paired and connected, you will have to set the keyboard layout, if the layout is incorrect,

you keyboard may not function as expected.

Linux OS

There are several Linux distributions available. This guide is designed for Ubuntu, but can easily

adapted for other versions. Your computor must be equipped with a Bluetooth module.

1. Make sure that bluetooth device on the computor is actived click the bluetooth icon and select

“setup new device”

2. A wizard window will opens and click “forward”

3. After find the bluetooth keyboard, select it and click “forward”

4.input the code and press enter on your bluetooth keyboard. A confirmation message will popup

click “yes”, then you can use your handheld bluetooth keyboard.