iPazzPort KP-810-06BTT User Manual

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Connect to mobile

Microsoft Windows Mobile OS


Instructions below are for mobiles running WM6.0 and earlier OS, For WM6.1 and later OS,

just use the mobile built-in Bluetooth to connect the Bluetooth Handheld Keyboard directly.

1. Copy the driver to your mobile device: insert driver CD and locate “Windows Mobile”==>

“Windowsmobile.cab” then copy this file to your mobile device

2. Locate the CAB file and run the windowsmobile.cab file to start the installation on your

mobile device. This way the Bluetooth Handheld Keyboard will install in your device

automatically. At the end of the installation, the setup program will require a reset.

3. The first time you run the Bluetooth Keyboard Driver on your Windows Mobile Device you

will see a prompt to activate the software. Then press “YES” to use this software(make sure

your device is connected to Internet)

4. Pair your windows mobiles with the Bluetooth Handheld Keyboard. After the software is

installed sucessfully on your mobile device, you need to pair it with the Bluetooth Handheld


Make sure your mobile is in pairing mode,

open the Bluetooth on your mobile device, the click “Add new”

select the Bluetooth Keyboard and click “Next”

when prompt for passkey, leave it blank.and click “Next”. (You also can enter 4 number as

a passcode)

select “Input Device” and click finish.

Go to software settings panel and click “connect”