iPazzPort KP-810-05E User Manual

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Star ting W ireless Handheld Keyboard

Starting up this hardware and application is simple.

1. Plug the USB adaptor into any available USB port.

2. Power on the Wireless Handheld Keyboard by moving the slide switch as shown

by arrow 15.

3. LED 2 will light up for about 3 seconds, then go out, this is normal. Please press any

keys LED 2 will flash indicating proper operation of the unit and transmission between

the USB adaptor and the Wireless Handheld Keyboard and Laser Pointer.

If you find that LED 2 is blinking rapidly please check the following two items:

1. Check your distance between the Keyboard and the computer. Is it within 30'?

2. Check to see if you have plugged in the USB adaptor to your computer correctly.

4. The Wireless Handheld Keyboard has a battery saving feature.

This feature puts the device into sleep mode if you do not use it after 3 minutes. LED 2

will blink continuously. You can wake up the unit by pressing any key for one second.

5. Arrow 7 points to the Input Switch Key

When this key is pressed LED 3 will light up. This LED will stay on until this key is pressed

again. That means while this light is on any key you press will use its secondary input rather

than its primary input. For example the key "Q" is normally "Q" or "q", but when you press the SF

key it becomes the number "~". When you have selected the Input Switch Key LED 3 will light

up. When you are in normal mode LED 3 will be off.

6 Arrow 8 points to the Fn key.

In order to bring users more convenience, the Wireless Handheld Keyboard also provides F1,

F2,F3...F10 which operate like those keys on the standard keyboard. Please press Key Fn

together with the key you want to operate them, but if you only press FX on the Wireless

Handheld Keybaord , that will make no sense.

7. Arrow 11 points to Ctrl+Alt+Del key

As we know, in many occasions we need to use keys: Ctrl+Alt+Delon standard keyboard when

operate computer, such as restart system, lock users, terminate applications.... But now with

Wireless Handheld Keyboard you only press key Fn together with key “Enterl" to complete

your mission.

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