iPazzPort KP-810-05E User Manual

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Rarely but possible if two or more Wireless Handheld Keyboard are within a close

proximity the units may get confused. In that situation you need to run an ID Code Verification

procedure. This is very simple process. Please unplug all the Wireless Handheld Keyboard

and mouse touchpad and power off all of them, then select any pair of them and re-plug the

USB transceiver to the computor, press the ID RESET TRIGGER indicated by arrow17 till the

LED on the USB TRANSCIVER flash one time then release it, then lick IDRESET TRIGGER

again, you will see the led flash quickly, press key “RF” indicated by arrow12, and led2 on the

keyboard will flash about 3-5 seconds quickly then both of the two LED go out, that means the

keyboard and USB transmitter has finished its ID CODE VERYFICATION procedure.

After completed ID Code Verification, use mouserate.exe to confirm the Wireless Handheld

Keyboard works fine. Move TMP on Mouserate window, you read the average is

about 70 or above, as more as better. If it is below the value, please repeat to adjust.

After you have completed the ID Code Verification the Wireless Handheld Keyboard

will immediately enter power save mode. In order to wake the unit please presses any key.

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