iPazzPort KP-810-05E User Manual

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7. Switch between upper-case and lower-case input mode: If you are in lower-case input

mode, press key This way you can turn to upper-case input mode , LED 3 will blink at an

interval about 1 second. In order to return to lower-case input mode pressing the key again

after you completed your upper-case input, the LED 3 goes out, take key Q as an example

if the letter you type is "Q", then you press key Cap and what you type will be "q" .


Every time, completed your upper-case input, please switch to lower-case input mode


9. If you wish to operate this Wireless Handheld Keyboard in a darkened room then you

will want to use the Backlight Keyboard feature. In order to activate the Backlight feature

please double press Key RF indicated by arrow 10 to turn on/off the backlight.

10. The Touch Mouse Pad (TMP) is quite versatile. To create input with the TMP place your

finger on the pad. Just move your finger on the TMP as though you were using your mouse

pad. Watch the mouse move to where you want it, and then use the keyboard for whatever

action you desire. You can draw patters using the TMP if you have installed MS Paint ,

ScreenPen or other Paint software.

11. Wireless Handheld Keyboard has an option of built-in Laser Pointer, which provide

an enhanced tool for your presentation, training, conference. press the Laser Pointer button

indicated by arrow 4 to operate it, you can use this feature whatever the unit is on or off.

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8. When the backlit light up without any operation , this indicates your battery voltage has a low

charge and needs to be recharged. The WirelessHandheld Keyboard is equipped with a

re-chargeable battery. We have supplied you with a USB cable, which is plugged into a vacant

USB slot on your computer and the bottom of the Wireless Handheld Keyboard, as indicated

by arrow 9 above. During charging LED1 will light up with a steady on. When fully charged

LED 1 will turn off. Please unplug the WirelessHandheld Keyboard from the USB cable.