Where to find it – Nikon D40 User Manual

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Where to Find It

Find what you’re looking for from:

The Table of Contents

See pages v–vi

Find items by function or menu name.

The Q&A Index

See pages vii–ix

Know what you want to do but don’t know the function name? Find it from the
“question and answer” index.

The Index

See pages 123–125

Search by key word.

Error Messages

See pages 111–112

If a warning is displayed in the viewfinder or monitor, find the solution here.


See pages 108–110

Camera behaving unexpectedly? Find the solution here.

Use the camera’s on-board help feature for help on menu items and other topics. See page 3 for

Digitutor, a series of “watch and learn” manuals in movie form, is available from the following website: