Secure, Wps compatible – Sony BDP-S560 User Manual

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Wi-Fi Network:



Wireless LAN Router:

WPS Compatible

Locating WPS button on the router

Setting up the player for connection to the router


Internet Settings

Check network settings and connections.

Network Connection Diagnostics

Connection Server Settings

Select the wireless LAN setting method.

Internet Settings - Wireless LAN Setting Method

Manual registration

Access point scan

Automatic registration (WPS)

Check the position of the WPS button on
the wireless LAN router and verify how to
use it.

 Tip
The position of the WPS button and how to use it
differs depending on your router.
For details, refer to the instruction manual supplied
with the router.

Press HOME and select

(Setup) –

(Network Settings) – “Internet Settings,”
and press ENTER.

“Start Setting” screen:
Press ENTER to start.

“Connection Method” screen:
Select “Wireless”, and press ENTER.

Select “Automatic registration (WPS),”
and press ENTER.