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To automatically add the player (as a client device) to your wireless home

network, make sure your access point (a wireless router) is WPS-enabled or

supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup and locate the WPS button (actual

or virtual) on the access point. To register the player,

you will be requested to press this button in the next step.

Internet Settings - Automatic Registration(WPS)


Internet Settings - Network Connection Diagnostics

Do not perform

Perform network connection diagnostics?

Diagnostics cannot be stopped midway.

Network connection diagnostics can also be performed under "Setup".


List of settings

Settings are complete.

Connection Method

Wireless LAN Setting Method


Security Setting


IP Address Settings

IP Address


Automatic registration




Auto Acquisition

Internet Settings - Complete Settings


Press ENTER to start.

Press and hold the WPS button on the
wireless LAN router until the indicator on
the router starts to blink.
The message “Access point registration is
complete.” appears.

“Proxy Server” screen:
Select “Do not use” (unless your Internet service
provider has a specific proxy server setting), and
press ENTER.

Network Connection Diagnostics show
you if your networks are set up correctly.
Select “Perform,” and press ENTER.
Press ENTER when “Network connections
are correct.” appears.

If an error message appears, follow the on-

screen instructions.

For further details, visit the following

website and check the FAQ contents:

 Notes
 If the player does not detect a wireless LAN

router, wait a moment, then repeat from step 3.

 In some cases, depending on the security of

the wireless LAN router, it may not be
possible to use Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS).
In this case, follow the on-screen instructions,
and change the settings of the router.

Press ENTER when “Settings are
complete.” appears.

Wi-Fi Setup is finished.

 Tip
If an error message appears in the network
diagnostic results, check the message. Then, set
the network settings again or perform the
network diagnostic again.