Step 2 – Westwood Design Waverly Dressing Combo User Manual

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Step 2

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February 5, 2010

Allen Bolt (D)

Nylon Washer (C)

A. Align the holes in the galley rail sides (B) with the holes in the galley rail back (A).
B. Place a nylon washer (I) onto a bolt (H), then thread it through the hole. Tighten securely
using the allen wrench (J). Repeat for the other hole.
C. Repeat for the other galley rail side.
D. If you are using a changing pad, secure it to the combo using the straps as instructed by
the pad manufacturer.
E. Center the galley rail on the top, then screw the wood screws (I) through the holes on the
mounting plates and into the combo.

Wood Screw (F)


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