Introduction – Duff-Norton EM1050-200 (TAP) User Manual

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1-1. General Information

This manual provides information for the installation,
operation and repair of Duff-Norton electromechanical

1-2. Application Information

The actuators described in this manual are intended
for industrial use only and should not be used to lift,
support or otherwise transport people or loads over
people, unless you have obtained written authorization
from Duff-Norton that the actuator is suitable for the
particular application.

The actuator is designed for lifting or pushing

loads no more than its load rating, on an intermittent
basis, not for applications requiring continuous
operation. The actuator is designed for clevis
mounting and cannot support side loading of the
translating tube.

1-3. Inspection

Every actuator is tested at the factory under full rated
load to ensure that the actuator operates properly
and that limit switches precisely stop its travel. Limit
switch settings must be rechecked at installation,
since rotation of the translating tube will change set

Inspect the actuator before installation for any

evidence of shipping damage or loose parts.

1-4. Warranty and Warranty Repair

Subject to the conditions stated herein,
Duff-Norton will repair or replace, without charge, any
parts proven to Duff-Norton’s satisfaction to have been
defective in material or workmanship. Claims must be
made within one year after date of shipment. Duff-
Norton will not repair or replace any parts that become
inoperative because of improper maintenance,
eccentric loading, overloading, chemical or abrasive
action, excessive heat, or other abuse.

Equipment and accessories not of Duff-Norton’s

manufacture are warranted only to the extent they are
warranted by the manufacturer, and only if the
claimed defect arose during normal use, applications,
and service. Equipment which has been altered or
modified by anyone without Duff-Norton’s authorization
is not warranted by Duff-Norton. Except as stated
herein, Duff-Norton makes no other warranties,
express or implied, including warranties of
merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

Authorization for return must be received from Duff-

Norton before returning any equipment for inspection
or warranty repair

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Figure 1-1. Dimensions in inches

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