Duff-Norton SK6415-300 (SPA Series DC) User Manual

Page 10

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7. Press bushing (34), bushing (6) and flange bearing

(25) into cover (9).

8. Assembly of Limit Switch Components (refer to

Figure 6-3).
a. Assemble insulation (19), limit switch (16)
and screw (15) on limit switch bracket (21).


Limit switch (16) leads should face each other. Insulation
(19) should be folded up and behind common terminal of
switches (16). See Figure 6-3.

b. Assemble limit switch nuts (23) on limit
switch shaft (22) (care should be taken not to
cross-thread nuts). Nut hubs should be facing
away from each other. See Figure 6-3.
c. Assemble worm (24) on limit switch shaft
(22). Unthreaded hub on worm should be away
from limit switch shaft (22) threads.
See Figure 6-3.

9. Assembly of Limit Switch Components in cover. Refer

to Figures 6-2 and 6-3.


Cover (9) should be in a soft-jaw vise with limit switch
box cover up.
10. Assemble limit switch bracket (21), insulation (19)

and switch (16) assembly into cover (9) with
screws (20).

11.Assemble limit switch shaft (22), limit switch nuts

(23) and worm (24) assembly into cover (9).
Tilt shaft and insert into I.D. of bushing (34).
Then straighten and assemble shaft into flange
bearing (25).


Worm (24) should be facing up toward flange bearing
(25). See Figure 6-3 (shaft will be loose in cover).
12. Attach red terminal wire (17) to common terminal of

left side switch (16). Attach blue terminal wire
(18) to common terminal of right side switch
(16). Feed ends of terminal wires (17) and (18)
through 5/8" dia. hole into cover (9) capacitor

13. Press guide bushing (59) and wiper scraper seal (60)

into outer tube (55). (Scraper part of scraper
seal should be facing outward away from guide

14. Install the stop pin (63) in the end of the lifting screw

(62), taking care to center the pin in the screw.

15. Screw the lifting nut (64) on to the lifting screw (62)

with the flange end away from the stop pin (63).

16. Fill the translating tube (66) approximately 1/2 to 3/4

full with Duboise M.P.G. grease (no

17. Slide the translating tube over the lifting screw (66)

and on to the lifting nut (64), lining the four
holes in the translating tube up with the four
holes in the lifting nut (64). Install pins (65)
flush with translating tube O.D.

18. Assemble washer (44) and gear spacer (43) on screw

(62). Install key (40) in key groove of screw.

19. Clamp sides of housing (42) in vise (use soft jaws

with input pinion up).

20. Install screw (62), gear spacer (43), washer (44),

translating tube (66), and tube nut (64)
assembly into housing (42) through bushing

21. Apply a generous amount of Aeroshell #6 grease (no

substitutes) to thrust washers (35) and thrust
bearing (36) and assemble over gear spacer

22. Aligning keyway in output gear (39) with key (40) in

screw (62), assemble output gear (39) on screw
(counter-bore in gear facing up away from
thrust bearing).

23. Clamp screw (62) between soft jawed vise. Thread

spacer nut (37) on screw (62) and tighten
against output gear (39). Spacer nut flange
should be in counterbore of output gear. Do not
grip on bearing journal of spacer nut when
tightening spacer nut.

24. Check alignment of tapped holes in spacer nut (37)

with holes in output gear (39). Use two 9/64
dia. pins approximately 11/2" long. One pin
should drop into hole in output gear (39). If pin
does not drop into hole, tighten or loosen spacer
nut until hole is aligned and one pin drops into
hole. (Note: spacer nut should not be rotated
more than 221/2 before pin drops into hole in
gear.) It is preferable to tighten spacer nut down
instead of loosening.

25. Remove pin from aligned hole. Install half dog set

screw (68) and tighten half dog point into hole
in output gear (39). Remove remaining pin and
proceed with assembly. Note: One hole must be
in alignment to have proper assembly.

26. Lightly grease O.D. of translating tube (66) with

Duboise M.P.G. grease (no substitutes) and
assemble outer tube (55) assembly over
translating tube (66) and thread into housing
(42) (a sealing compound such as Non-
Hardening Permatex 2 should be used on

27. Insert intermediate pinion shaft (32) in housing (42)

and place thrust washer (31) over shaft (32).
Assemble intermediate cluster gear (33) on shaft
and place thrust washer (31) on top.

28. Assemble bearing (28) on input pinion (29) (press on

inner bearing ring to prevent damage to