Duff-Norton SK6415-300 (SPA Series DC) User Manual

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Operational Procedures

This motor draws anywhere from 6 amps at no load to
27 amps at rated load. Make sure that the duty cycle to
which the actuator is subjected is not too severe for the

All wiring, switches, circuit breakers, etc. must

be of sufficient capacity to carry these currents. Avoid
using a voltage supply lower than 11 volts DC.
The axis of the clevis pins should be parllel so that the
actuator can pivot without binding. A few drops of oil
should be used on the clevis pins.

The preset brake will provide consistent braking

for the actuator. However, in the event the brake friction
surfaces become worn as indicated by excessive drift, the
brake will require rebuilding. To aid in rebuilding, a
repair kit with step by step instructions is available
through Duff-Norton Company under repair kit part
number SK-6415-41. The repair can be performed by
the customer or by any authorized repair station.


This actuator is not recommended for use in applications
where it can be jammed. Examples of jamming include
overtraveling the limit switches and thus jamming the
nut and screw internally at the extreme ends of the
stroke, and driving the actuator against an immovable
object and thus severely overloading it. This actuator can
jam a limited number of times without damage.
Therefore, consult Duff-Norton Engineering if jamming
is expected.

Do not operate actuator before setting limit


Some actuator external surface temperatures

may reach 230˚F at or near maximum allowable duty