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[Advanced Functions]




Advanced Functions

To use advanced functions on this machine, you need to install optional license kits.

The table below shows the correspondence between available advanced functions and options or license
kits to be purchased.

License kit



i-Option LK-106

Bar code font

Generates a bar code based on data sent to this ma-
chine from the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
system, and prints it from this machine.
You can directly print data without using the printer

i-Option LK-107

Unicode font

Prints text information (unicode) of multiple languages
sent to this machine from the ERP (Enterprise Re-
source Planning) system.
You can directly print data without using the printer

i-Option LK-108

OCR font

OCR font can be used on this machine. OCR font is
standardized font that enables text to be appropriately
recognized when the OCR (Optical Character Recog-
nition) is used.

i-Option LK-111

ThinPrint function

Configure settings to enable the ThinPrint function in
this machine.
ThinPrint is a function that realizes speedy printing by
performing data compression or broadband control
when a print job is sent from ThinPrint Engine (.print
Engine) to ThinPrint Client (.print Client). This machine
operates as ThinPrint Client (.print Client).
For details, refer to page 3-2.

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