Ordinary cd player operations, Setting the auto cue function on/off, Playback operations – Pioneer CDJ-100S User Manual

Page 9: Track cueing, Fast-forward / fast-reverse

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Setting the Auto Cue function ON/OFF

Press and hold the TIME MODE/AUTO CUE button for
one or more seconds to toggle the auto cue mode on
and off. The auto cue function is turned on when the
indicator light showing A.CUE is lit.

Playback Operations

These represent basic playback operations when the auto
cue function is off (the display’s A.CUE indicator goes

1. Insert disc.

÷ With the disc's label surface upward, insert the disc

into the front-panel's disc loading slot.

÷ When playing an 8 cm/3-inch disc, place the disc

in a commercially available CD adapter before in-
serting in the loading slot.

÷ Load only one disc at a time.

To Pause Play

During playback, press the PLAY/PAUSE button (


÷ The PLAY/PAUSE button’s indicator and CUE indica-

tor will flash, and play will be paused.

÷ When the PLAY/PAUSE button is pressed again, play

will resume and the button indicator will light stead-

÷ Broken sound will still be audible during the standby

mode; if you wish to stop all sound, lower the output
sound volume on your audio mixer.

÷ When the unit has not been operated for 80 minutes

or more in pause mode, the disc rotation stops auto-
matically. In this instance, playback can be resumed
by pressing the PLAY/PAUSE button.

Jog dial


Do not attempt to press a disc back into the slot when the
EJECT indicator appears. Pressing a disc back into the slot
while the EJECT indicator appears may cause the player
to stop. In this case, press the EJECT button again and
wait until the EJECT indicator goes out before reinserting
the disc.

Track Cueing

7 TRACK SEARCH buttons (4, ¢ )

Press one of the TRACK SEARCH buttons (

4, ¢ ).

÷ Each time the button is pressed, the track is cued

in the direction corresponding to the arrow on the
button (during playback of one track, to cue play-
back to the beginning of the preceding track, press

4 button twice).

÷ When the button is press down and held, cueing

is continuous. If the button is held for two seconds
or more, the cue speed increases.

÷ When the beginning of the first track (track 1) is

reached, pressing the

4 button will cue to the

last track.

÷ When the end of the disc's last track is reached,

pressing the

¢ button will cue to the first track

(track 1).

7 Super-Fast Track Search

Rotate the jog dial while pressing one of the TRACK
SEARCH buttons (

4, ¢ ).

÷ While holding either one of the buttons depressed,

rotate the dial in the direction corresponding to
the direction you wish to skip; the unit will enter
the high-speed skip mode, with the skip speed
corresponding to the amount the dial is ignored.

÷ The direction of skip is in accordance with the di-

rection in which the jog dial is rotated. (the TRACK
SEARCH button direction is released.)

÷ The high-speed skip mode is canceled when the

TRACK SEARCH button is released.

Fast-Forward / Fast-Reverse

7 Operation using the SEARCH buttons

Press the SEARCH buttons (

1, ¡) during playback.

Press and hold the

¡ button to fast forward the disc;

press and hold the

1 button to do fast reverse.

7 Super-Fast Search

Rotate the jog dial while pressing one of the SEARCH
buttons (

1, ¡)

÷ Hold down the button while turning the Jog dial

in the direction you wish to search to enter fast
forward or fast reverse mode.

÷ The direction of the search is determined by the

direction the Jog dial is turned. The direction of
the SEARCH button is ignored.

÷ When you stop turning the Jog dial, the unit re-

turns to playback mode.

÷ Release the SEARCH button to exit this mode.

2. Play will begin automatically from track 1.

÷ If the auto-cue function is set to off, playback will

not stop after the first track ends but continue
sequentially from the first track to the subsequent

÷ Play stops automatically after the last track is


To Stop Play

Press the EJECT button.

÷ Play will stop and the disc will be ejected.

÷ The unit is not provided with a special stop button.