Turning the power on and off, Caution – Sharp MX-5140N User Manual

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This machine has a main power switch, found at the bottom left after the front cover is opened, and a power button (

), located on the operation panel.


• When turning off the power, make sure that the indicators on the operation panel turn

off as well.

• If the machine suddenly turns off, such as in the event of a power failure, turn the

machine on again, and then turn off the machine following the correct procedure for

turning off the machine.

Switching off the main power switch or removing the power cord from the outlet while

any of the indicators are lit or blinking may damage the hard drive and cause data to

be lost.

• Switch off both the power button (

) and the main power switch and unplug the

power cord if you suspect a machine failure, if there is a bad thunderstorm nearby, or

when you are moving the machine.

Turning on the power

• Switch the main power switch to the “ ” position.

• After the main power indicator lights in green, press the power button (


Turning off the power

(1) Press the power button (

) to turn off the power.

(2) Switch the main power switch to the “

” position.

Restarting the machine

In order for some settings to take effect, the machine must be restarted. If a message in the
touch panel prompts you to restart the machine, press the power button (

) to turn off the

power and then press the key again to turn the power back on.

• When using the fax or Internet fax function, always keep the main power switch in

the “ ” position.

• In some states of the machine, pressing the power button (

) to restart will not

make the settings take effect. In this case, use the main power switch to switch

the power off and then on.

Main power switch

Power button

Main power indicator


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