Safety instructions – IKA EUROSTAR 200 digital User Manual

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Safety instructions

Read the operating instructions in full before

starting up and follow the safety instructions.

• Keep the operating instructions in a place where

it can be accessed by everyone.

• Ensure that only trained staff work with the in-


• Follow the safety instructions, guidelines, occu-

pational health and safety and accident preven-
tion regulations.

• Because the options for combining products,

tools, stirring vessel, experiment and medium
are nearly endless, user safety cannot be en-
sured simply with design requirements on the
part of the product. For this reason, it may
become necessary for users to take other pre-
cautionary safety measures. For example, glass
device or other stirring vessels that are sensitive
to mechanical stress can be damaged or shat-
tered by an imbalance, increasing the speed too
quickly or too little distance between the stirring
element and the stirring vessel. Users can suffer
serious injury from glass breakage or from the
freely rotating stirring element.

• Uncontrolled reactions can be triggered by mix-

ing the heated material insufficiently or by the
energy generated by selecting a speed that is
too high. In case of these and other increased
operational hazards, users must take additional
appropriate safety precautions (e.g. shatter pro-

In any case, when using critical or hazardous

materials in your processes, IKA



to use additional appropriate measures to en-
sure safety in the experiment. For example, us-
ers can implement measures that inhibit fire
or explosions or comprehensive monitoring

Furthermore, users must make sure that the OFF

switch of the



product can be accessed im-

mediately, directly and without risk at any time.

If installation or positioning
cannot ensure this access at
all times, an additional EMER-

GENCY STOP switch that can

be easily accessed must be in-
stalled in the work area.

• Only process media that will not react danger-

ously to the extra energy produced through
processing. This also applies to any extra energy
produced in other ways, e.g. through light ir-

• Do not operate the instrument in explosive at-

mospheres, with hazardous substances or under

• Process pathogenic materials only in closed vessels

under a suitable fume hood. Please contact IKA


application support if you have any question.

• The instrument is not suitable for manual operation.
• The high torque developed by the EUROSTAR

requires particular care in the choice of stand,
cross sleeve and anti-rotation element for the
agitating vessel.

• Set up the stand in a spacious area on an even,

stable, clean, non-slip, dry and fireproof surface.

• You must ensure that the stirring element is se-

curely clamped in the chuck!

• Use stirring shaft protective equipment!
• The agitated vessels used for stirring have to be

secured. Consider on a good stability of the en-
tire structure.

Please pay attention to
the dangerous parts of the
equipment in Fig. 7.

• Protect the instrument and accessories from

bumping and impacting.

• Check the instrument and accessories before-

hand for damage each time when you use
them. Do not use damaged components.

• Safe operation is only guaranteed with the acces-

sories described in the ”Accessories” section.

• Always switch the main switch in the OFF posi-

tion or disconnect the power before changing
stirring element and fitting allowed accessories.

• The instrument can only be disconnected from

the mains supply by pulling out the mains plug
or the connector plug.

• The socket for the mains cord must be easily


• Socket must be earthed (protective ground contact).
• The voltage stated on the type plate must cor-

respond to the mains voltage.

• Please observe the permitted speed for the stir-

ring element. Never set higher speed.

• Make certain that the unit is set at the lowest

speed before commissioning; otherwise, the
unit will begin running at the speed set in last
operation. Gradually increase the speed.

• Pay attention when setting the speed to any

imbalance of the stirrer tools and possible
spraying of the medium to be stirred.

Never operate the instrument
with the stirrer tools rotat-
ing freely. Ensure that parts
of the body, hair, jewelry or
items of clothing cannot be
trapped by the rotating parts.