Maintenance and cleaning, Error codes – IKA EUROSTAR 200 digital User Manual

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Maintenance and cleaning

The instrument is maintenance-free. It is only sub-
ject to the natural wear and tear of components
and their statistical failure rate.


For cleaning disconnect
the main plug!

Use only cleaning agents which have been approved
by IKA


to clean IKA




Cleaning agent


isopropyl alcohol

Construction material water containing tenside/

isopropyl alcohol


water containing tenside/
isopropyl alcohol


water containing tenside


water containing tenside

For materials which are not listed, please request
information from IKA


application support.

Wear protective gloves during cleaning the instru-

Electrical instruments may not be placed in the
cleansing agent for the purpose of cleaning.

Do not allow moisture to get into the instrument
when cleaning.

Before using another than the recommended
method for cleaning or decontamination, the user
must ascertain with IKA


that this method does

not destroy the instrument.

Spare parts order

When ordering spare parts, please give:
- machine type
- manufacturing number, see type plate
- item and designation of the spare part see, spare parts diagram and spare

parts list

- software version.


Please send in instrument for repair only after it

has been cleaned and is free from any materials

which may constitute a health hazard.
For repair, please request the “Decontamination

Certificate” form IKA


or use the download

printout of it from IKA




If you require servicing, return the instrument in its
original packaging. Storage packaging is not suffi-
cient. Please also use suitable transport packaging.

Error codes

The fault is shown by an error code in the display (C) as following if the error occurs, e.g. Er 4.
Proceed as follows in such cases:

Switch the device switch (A) off.


Remove the stirrer tool and remove the instrument from the assembly.


Reduce the speed and switch on (instrument switch (A)) the device without the stirrer tool.

Error code Cause



Er 2

Motor current sensor fault

motor off

- Switch off the instrument

Er 3

Temperature inside instrument
is too high

motor off

- Switch off the instrument and allow it

to cool down

Er 4

Motor blockage or overload

motor off

- Switch off the instrument
- Decrease the load on the motor and

restart again

Er 8

Speed sensor fault or overload motor off

- Switch off the instrument

Er 21

Safety relay fault

motor off

- Switch off the instrument

If the actions described fails to resolve the fault or another error code is displayed then take one of the
following steps:
- Contact the service department
- Send the instrument for repair, including a short description of the fault.