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2.1 Getting Ready


Once you have installed Bria iPhone Edition, make sure you have set up Wi-Fi and 3G correctly in your

Set up Wi-Fi: from the main iPhone screen, tap Settings > Wi-Fi. Turn on the Wi-Fi field. The Choose
a Network panel will be populated with access points. Tap to choose an access point and wait for the
item to show a checkmark (indicating that you are connected).

Set up 3G: from the main iPhone screen, tap Settings > General > Network. Turn on the Enable 3G


Obtain the following information from your VoIP service provider:

Your username, password and domain.

Your display name and auth name (authorization name), if used by your service provider.

The outbound proxy, if used by your service provider.

Your voicemail number, if your service provider provides this service.

You may also want to try to obtain information about the following:

DTMF method: 2833 or SIP INFO. Bria will work without the correct setting, but you may not be able
to work with an auto attendant (

press 1 for customer service” menus). See page 19 for details.

ICE and STUN information; see step 3 below for more information.

DNS SRV: you may want to ask your VoIP service provider if they want this service on or off.

For more information on this data, see page 19.