Dickson TM325 User Manual

Tm325, Display temperature & humidity logger

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Display Temperature & Humidity Logger



Alarm Type: Audio/Visual on High/Low Temp Limits
Ambient Operating RH Conditions : 0-95% RH non-condensing
Ambient Operating Temperature Conditions: -4 to 158F (-20 to 70C)
Approvals: CE
Battery Backup: Yes, with use of AC Adapter
Battery Life (Avg): 6 Months
Cable Details: USB - Male Series A plug to 5 pin Male Series B mini plug. Serial - 9 pin female D-shell to male 2.5mm
stereo plug
Cable Length: 6ft
Calibration Options: N100, N300, N400, N520
Channels: CH1: Temperature, CH2: Humidity
Data Capacity: 32,000 (16,000 per Channel)
Dew Point Accuracy: +/-3.6F from 30 to 95% RH (Calculated)
Dew Point Range: -22 to 122F (-30 to 50C)
Dimensions: 1.6 x 3 x 4in
Display Dimensions Height: 1.375
Display Dimensions Width: 2.0
Display Resolution: 0.1 from 0.0 to 999.99; 1 over 1000
Display Type: LCD
Display Update Rate: 10 Seconds (Battery Power), 1 Second (AC Power)
Download Time: 1 Minute (USB), 3 Minutes (Serial)
Download Type: USB / Serial / Flash Card
Humidity Accuracy: +/-2% RH from 0 to 60% (+/-3% RH from 60 to 95%)
Humidity Range: 0-95% RH non-condensing
Humidity Sensor Type: Monolithic IC Humidity Sensor
IP Rating: 20
Included Accessories: Four AA Batteries, Remote Probe and Quick Start Guide. *Software is not included.
Memory Type: EEPROM, Removable Flash Storage Device
Minimum Software Version Required: 8.3
Mounting Options: Wall Mount (With Keyhole)
Network Connectivity: MP100
PC Requirements: Microsoft Windows 98 or newer, 16 MB RAM, 1 free COM (serial) port with dedicated interrupt or 1
USB root hub, CD drive, VGA monitor or better
Power Source: Four AA Batteries (User Replaceable) *AC Adapter is not included, but can be used.
Power Source Notes: AC Power is optional, but not included.
Power Status Indicator: LCD Display
Remote Probe Dimensions : Houses thermistor and RH sensor in polycarbonate plastic; 1.5" x 0.5" (1.25cm x 4.5cm)
Remote Sensor Length: 10 ft
Remote Sensor Type: Thermistor
Response Time: 1 Minute to 63% of Full Scale