Introduction – iCreation i-700 User Manual

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The p

hone doesn't work

properly with some special
services or if it is connected
to an exchange extension

The h

andset can only

receive calls. The keypad

The b

attery charge level is

very low.

Logical malfunctioning in
the handset or base unit.

Disable Bluetooth in the
iPhone and then enable it
again, the disconnected
Bluetooth connection
between the base and the
iPhone cannot be
automatically resumed.

If there are interference
signals near or iPhone was
taken away from the base
(longer than 10 meters)
ever, the phone may lose
the connection with iPhone.

Press and hold .

Check the Flash time and set it

Clean the charging pins, and if
the problem is still not solved,
replace the batteries.

Try resetting the handset or the

Due to differences in each
iPhone's software, so it is normal
for some iPhone that the
Bluetooth connection cannot be
automatically resumed. If in this
case, please establish the
Bluetooth connection manually
(See P20~ P21 "Connecting an

Switch off Bluetooth feature on
iPhone, then switch it on again.
/ Power off the base and then
power on.


Thank you for purchasing the color DECT BT phone. Your new
DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) can
connect to an iPhone with Bluetooth function, which enables you
to make calls through cell phone lines and landline. Enjoy these
additional features, as well:

Large displays and accessible menus.

Color display - Customizable with wallpapers and backgrounds.

iPhone charger - Charge an iPhone using a port on your new

Contacts list - Your personal phonebook of up to 200 listings,
arranged alphabetically.

Phonebook synchronization - You can download the
phonebook from iPhone and review it via your DECT phone.

Speakerphone - Enjoy handsfree conversations.

12 rings tones and sleep mode - Sleep mode automatically
switches the phone to the minimum volume at night.

Alarm clock

Personal cordless network - Connect up to five handsets to
your base. Each handset can access up to four additional base
units in order to extend your total wireless coverage.

Because we are committed to continuous quality improvement,
specifications and features may vary without prior notice.

Certain services, such as Caller ID, are available only if provided by
your local telephone network.