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Ip400 quick guide

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IP400 Quick Guide

The IP400 is a four port FXO gateway designed to integrate traditional telephone lines with your
IP PBX. The following guide is intended to help you configure the IP400 and the PBX together in
as few steps as possible.

Accessing the IP400

1. Connect the IP400 to your network via the LAN port

2. Log into the PBX

3. Navigate to Destinations=>Extensions

4. Click Auto Discovery

5. Search the page for the IP400 MAC and note the IP address of the IP400

Configuring the IP400



1. In your web browser, enter the IP address for the IP400

2. Login to the IP400

Username: Admin
Password: <nothing>

3. Navigate to Setup=>SIP Service

4. Enter the IP address for the PBX under SIP proxy address

5. For SIP proxy port enter 5060

6. Leave the rest of the settings at their defaults. Minor changes may need to be made in

the future once everything is tested (eg. Sometimes the DTMF method needs to be set to
SIP Info)

7. Click