Kds ezflow 2030, Operation procedures, Storage – KD Scientific EZFLOW 2030 User Manual

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KDS EZFlow 2030

Operation Procedures:



The graduations of syringes vary in terms of brands and sizes. To ensure an accurate

infusion, the pump uses driving speed to calculate the flow rate. Driving speed range is in

1 mm/hr increment from 1 mm/hr - 99 mm/hr. Staff gauge range is from 0 - 60 mm. There

are two ways to calculate desired flow rate:


Set driving rate by flow rate. First, use a ruler and measure the ml scale to

determine mm/ml of each graduation scale. Then, multiply by desired infusion flow

rate (ml/hr), and get the driving speed in mm/hr.

Formula: ml/hr × mm/ml = mm/hr

For example: Use a 10 ml syringe for infusion.

The length of each 1 ml scale is 4.5 mm; desired infusion flow rate is 2 ml/hr;

then, use the formula to calculate. 4.5 mm/ml × 2 ml/h= 9 mm/hr Therefore, set

the driving rate to be: 0 9


Set driving rate by infusion volume First, use a ruler and measure the length of

medication in the syringe. This is to count the medical solution in mm not ml. Then,

divide this number by desired completion time (hr) to determine the driving rate in


Formula: mm ÷ h = mm/hr.

For example: The medication in the syringe is

9 ml. Load this syringe onto the pump, the scale reading of the medication in the

syringe is 40 mm in length. The desired infusion time is 5 hours.

40 mm ÷ 5 hr = 8 mm/hr. Therefore, set the driving rate to be: 0 8


Turn on the ON/OFF switch to start infusion. The running indicator will flash during normal

operation while the rate setting key is locked. To change the infusion rate, you MUST reboot

the pump. Turn off the ON/OFF switch, change the rate and turn on again. When batteries

begin to run down, an audible and visual alarm is activated. When the battery voltage can-

not sustain a normal operation, LOW BATT and COMPLETE/OCCLUSION audible and visu-

al alarm will both be activated. When infusion is completed or an occlusion happens, the

pump stops operation with an audible and visual alarm. To continue infusion, you MUST cor-

rect the error and reboot the pump.


The pump has a PCA feature. As directed by the DVM, if the PCA feature is required, plug

the bolus cable into the pump socket to enable the PCA feature. During a normal infusion,

while additional injections may be needed, you can push the button on the bolus cale to

inject an additional dosage. Each PCA dosage is 1/4 of the preset delivery dosage. For

safety of the patient and to control the frequency of PCA injections, the interval between two

PCA injections is programmed to be less than 30 minutes.


This productshould be stored in an environment with ambient temperature of 14°F-131°F

(-10°C - +55°C), relative humidity below 93%, and air pressure 500hpa - 1060hpa. Do not

store close to corrosive vapour and/or harmful impurities.