Kds milliliter oem module, Introduction – KD Scientific 910 OEM Pump User Manual

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KDS Milliliter OEM Module




The “mL” OEM Pump Module is designed as a highly precise, single-syringe infusion/

withdrawal pump module capable moderate to high back pressures. The module includes

a mechanism, hardware, power supply and user interface cable. There is no keypad or

display for this module: it must be connected to a PC..

Typically, the “mL” OEM Pump Module holds one syringe of most makes, from 0.5 µl to

60 ml. The diameter of the syringe is entered via your PC or other controller, and the

internal microprocessor drives a precision stepper motor to produce accurate fluid flow. This unit is

designed to operate inside an appropriately rated fire/electrical/mechanical enclosure or cabinet.



A target volume can be entered for infusion and refill independently, and the pump automati-

cally stops when this volume is reached. The pump displays an initial volume of zero and

increases as the dispense proceeds to the target volume. The target volume can be reviewed

or changed as the pump continues to operate.

Modes of Operation


• Rate and volume settings: pump infuses to the set volume and stops.

• Rate setting only: pump runs until manually stopped, limit switches are hit, or stalls.


• Rate and volume settings similar to above.


• Infusion automatically followed by withdrawal. Rate and volume settings can be

made independently for infusion and withdrawal, hence the pump can infuse at one

rate and volume and then change to a different withdrawal flow rate and volume setting.


• Withdrawal immediately followed by infusion. Separate settings for rate and volume can

be made for withdrawal and infusion.

• Continuous operation

• The pump cycles from infusion to withdrawal continuously. The volume is identical in

infuse and withdrawal directions.


An infuse limit switch is located on the syringe block and an adjustable actuator is located

on the pusher block. When the pusher block actuator contacts the limit switch, infusing is

stopped. Adjust the actuator appropriately such that the syringe plunger does not bottom

out in the syringe barrel.

The withdraw limit switch is located in the pulley cover, which is connected to a movable

guide rod. The guide rod is equipped with an adjustable clamp collar. When the pusher

block comes in contact with the adjustable clamp collar, the withdraw limit switch is actuat-

ed and pusher block movement is halted. Adjust the clamp collar appropriately such that

the syringe plunger does not pull out of the syringe barrel.