Lowell MA30 User Manual

Ma30 installation sheet and operators manual

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Optional Accessories (sold separately):
Lowell Manufacturing offers the optional 30WK wall kit (used to wall mount the MA30 Mixer/Amplifier), the 30RK
rack kit (used to mount the MA30 Mixer/Amplifier in a 19" rack), the 30HRK half-rack kit (used to mount the MA30
Mixer/Amplifier in a half rack), along with a full line of 19" equipment cabinets, half-rack cabinets, wall mount
shelves, rack mount AC power panels, AC power strips, and cooling fans that can be used to install the Lowell
Amplifier products. See www.lowellmfg.com for product details.

Getting Started:
Please study carefully the “IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS” that are given on page 2 before applying power
to your MA30 mixer/amplifier. Those experienced with the use of a mixer/amplifier will find that the input jacks,
output jacks, and controls follow industry standard conventions and will be very intuitive. Standard 4

W, 8W, 25V,

and 70V speaker outputs are provided. Those that are not familiar with the speaker wiring required for these
industry standard outputs will find a very helpful section covering this topic on pages 6, 7, and 8

of this “Installation

Sheet and Owner’s Manual”.





Instruction Sheet


Issued: 9-10-14

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MA30 General Description:
The MA30 is equipped with a 30 watt power amplifier with 4

W, 8W, 25V, and 70V speaker outputs available at screw

terminals. The unit is powered by 120VAC 60Hz. The main AC input is protected by a circuit breaker on the rear
panel. An unswitched convenience AC outlet is provided on the rear panel that is protected by a separate circuit
breaker. The mixer/amplifier includes 3 input channels. The first channel (marked MIC/TEL on the front panel) is
switchable for microphone or telephone inputs and also includes a switch to select the AUX 2 dual combining RCA-
phono connectors. This channel also includes a TEL/MIC switch. In the TEL (telephone) position, this switch pads
the input to allow the channel to be fed by a 600

W balanced line level telephone page port output signal. The first

channel includes a MUTE ON/OFF switch. When the mute switch is turned ON , a dynamic microphone or
telephone input will mute the AUX 1, Aux 3, or Program inputs. The second channel (marked PROGRAM on the
front panel) is switchable for program input screw terminals or AUX 3 dual combining RCA-phono connectors. The
third channel (marked AUX 1 on the front panel) is for the AUX 1 dual combining RCA-phono connectors. The front
panel also includes BASS and TREBLE controls, a power-on LED, and an output level LED indicator.