Lowell PA250 User Manual

Pa250 installation sheet and operators manual

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Optional Accessories (sold separately):
Lowell Manufacturing offers a full line of 19" equipment cabinets, wall mount shelves, rack mount AC power panels,
AC power strips, and cooling fans that can be used to install the Lowell Amplifier products.
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Getting Started:
Please study carefully the “IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS” that are given on page 2 before applying power
to your PA250 amplifier. Those experienced with the use of a power amplifier will find that the input jacks, output
jacks, and controls follow industry standard conventions and will be very intuitive. Standard 8

W, 25V, and 70V

speaker outputs are provided. Those that are not familiar with the speaker wiring required for these industry
standard outputs will find a very helpful section covering this topic on pages 6, 7, and 8

of this “Installation Sheet

and Owner’s Manual”.





Instruction Sheet


Issued: 5-1-14

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PA250 General Description:
The PA250 power amplifier provides 250 watts of continuous RMS power directly into an 8

W speaker load. A rear

panel switch connects the internal 25V/70V output transformer to feed distributed speaker systems. The PA250
was designed to be used as a 250

watt booster amplifier to increase the power capability of Lowell’s MA Series

mixer/amplifiers, or as an all-in-one telephone system paging solution. The PA250 includes a balanced telephone
paging input and a 600

W line level balanced input with both inputs controlled by a tamper-resistant volume control

located on the rear panel. A Hi-Z unbalanced Aux input with parallel RCA input connectors is provided for a music
program source input. A unique music ducking circuit mutes the aux music input when a page signal is present at
either the telephone paging input or the 600

W line level balanced input. The mute circuit may be defeated by

removing the chassis cover and changing a circuit board jumper. A paging horn protection (

also called “trumpet

protection”) low-cut filter is available by cutting a separate circuit board jumper. A master volume control, main
power switch, and circuit breaker are provided on the front panel. An un-switched AC convenience outlet is
provided on the rear panel.