Lowell SMGA-5 User Manual

Rackmount sound-masking generator / amplifier

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Sound-masking generator / amplifier model SMGA-5 provides a

pink noise signal and amplifier (5W into 70V, 25V, or 8 ohm) for

use in stand-alone applications (masking or masking / paging /

music) or for interfacing with existing paging/music systems. (See

page 2 for typical wiring diagrams.) The generator produces a pink

noise (equal energy / octave) signal that is fed to the speakers to

produce the characteristic "windy" sound that masks ambient

noise to create conversational privacy. Controls include output

level and an adjustable low pass filter that shapes frequencies at

9dB per octave with roll off at 300Hz. The 5W amplifier includes

an auxiliary Hi-Z input for a paging, music, or signaling source.

Controls include level adjustment for the auxiliary input signal,

master level plus individual controls for shaping bass, midrange,

and treble frequencies.

Rackmount chassis is 19"W x 1.75"H (1RU) x 4"D with barrier

strip plug-in terminations. Chassis is formed from 20-gauge steel

with a 16-gauge steel front panel finished in durable black powder



Lowell's sound masking generator/amplifier provides an all-

in-one source approach for small masking applications.

1RU rackmount chassis features removable plug-in termina-

tions for pre-wire convenience.

Bass, mid, and treble controls allow for subjective shaping

on site.

Compatible with Lowell's full selection of masking speakers

for suspended or T-bar installation.

A & E Specifications

The sound masking generator/amplifier shall be Lowell Model

SMGA-5. Generator controls shall include output level and low

pass filter. The amplifier output shall be 5-watts into 70V, 25V, or

8-ohms. Auxiliary amplifier input for paging, music or signaling

shall be a plugable barrier strip. Amplifier controls shall include

input level; a master level control; plus bass, mid, and treble con-

trols. Power requirements shall be 120VAC, 60Hz, 14-watts. The

chassis shall be formed from 20-gauge steel with a 16-gauge steel

front panel on E.I.A. spacing for rack mount installation. Chassis

shall measure 19"W x 1.75"H (1RU) x 9"D. The chassis assembly

shall be finished in black powder epoxy paint, include silkscreened

information, and a permanently connected power supply.

Model: SMGA-5

Rackmount Sound-masking Generator / Amplifier

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Spec. No. 4c-203

(rev. 02.15.12)

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Rackmount sound-masking generator / amplifier 1.75” (1RU) 19” 9”



Generator Output Signals: Pink noise (equal energy/octave)

Generator Controls: Output level, Low pass filter (flat to

aprox. 9dB/octave roll-off at 300Hz)

Amplifier Output Power: 5 watts into 70V, 25V or 8-ohms

Auxiliary Input: Hi-Z (500mv) line for paging, music, or


Internal Input: Noise (connected internally)

Output Connections: Plugable barrier strip

Amplifier Controls: Master level plus bass, midrange, and

treble controls (+12dB); and auxiliary

input level.

Power Requirements: 120VAC, 60Hz, 14watts

Size: 19"W x 1.75"H (1RU) x 9"D