Lowell SMGA-5 User Manual

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Spec. No. 4c-203

(rev. 02.15.12)

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Low Pass Filter Response

(approximate representation)

Pink Noise

(Relative output vs. Frequency)

Typical stand-alone application

Bass, Mid, and Treble Controls

(approximate - assuming input is flat)

Typical masking addition to an existing system using a line matching transformer

and masking generator amplifier connected to the speaker line.

Typical multi-purpose masking with paging

Typical masking addition to an existing system using a masking generator amplifier

connected to a new line-out from the music-paging source.

Low Pass adjusts high

frequency roll-off.

Auxiliary Input may be

used for music, paging,

and/or tone signaling.

Noise Level sets level of

noise signal to amplifier

(connected internally).

Master Level adjusts overall level

while maintaining the relative levels

of noise and aux. input.

Move connector

to appropriate output and connect to speaker load

(5W max for 70.7V or 25V outputs).

Control Full Clockwise

Control Midpoint

Control Full Counter-Clockwise

Rear panel layout