MBT Lighting FM400 User Manual

Fm400 micro fogger manual instruction

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Congratulations on your purchase of our FM400 Micro Fogger. Please read the

instructions in detail before you use the unit. If you encounter any problem, please contact
your dealer.
I. Specifications:
Model No:

FM400 Micro Fogger

Rating Voltage:


Power consumption: 400 Watts


Preheating Time:

5 min

Fog Output:

1250 cuft / min

Tank capacity:

0.25 Liter


L245 x W 135 x H140 mm



II. Operating Directions
1. Remove all the packing before use, then clean the spray nozzle to be sure the nozzle path is

clear. Please contact with your vendor if you find any damaged or missing parts.

2. Place the machine horizontally and loosen the cap of liquid tank and fill the tank with fog

liquid. Use only high quality MBT FMJ4 water-base fog fluid.

3. Plug the controller into the outlet marked “control input ” on the fogger’s rear panel.
4. Connect the machine to a properly grounded power supply (120 volts) and turn the main

power switch to "on" (lighted) position. This machine will take approximately 5 minutes to
warm up. When heated properly the light on the remote switch will light, indicating it is
ready to fog.

5. Press the button on the remote and the machine will produce fog. The machine only fogs

while the button is pressed. Note: after long fog bursts the machine may shut down for a
short period while it heats back up to operating temperature. This is normal. During this
period the light on the remote switch will be off and will turn back on when the machine is
ready to fog again.

III. Precautions
1.Indoor use only. Protect from moisture and rain.
2.Place the fogger horizontally or hang it on from the ceiling but the bank angle less than 15°.
3.Ensure the space for enough ventilation, cooling. Install at least 20 cm from other objects.

For adult use only. Keep away from children

5.Never install the fogger near any flame, flammable and explosive substance to avoid fire and


6.Never point the spray nozzle toward people.
7.Do not operate without liquid in the tank to avoid damaging the fogger.
8.Pour fog liquid carefully to avoid overflow liquid resulting in electrical short.
9.Never pour flammable liquids such as gas, perfume etc. into the liquid tank.
10.Turn off the fogger when not in use. If the fogger is in a stationary use, then you must install

an additional switch, which switch off all pole of the power supply.


Because the machine may drip small amounts of condensation or fluid at the nozzle it is

advisable to use only on surfaces that are easily cleaned and not recommended to be placed on

IV. Maintenance
1. No user serviceable parts inside. Refer to qualified electrical technician for service.
2. Unqualified fog liquid results in block or leakage. Use only high quality MBT FMJ4 water-

base fog fluid

3. Machine may be cleaned after 40 hours of use by flushing with a cleaning solution of 80%

distilled water and 20% vinegar.

A. Unscrew and clean the nozzle with vinegar.
B. Empty the tank of fog liquid and fill with 80%/20% water/vinegar solution. Operate the

fogger until the tank is nearly empty of the cleaning solution.

C. Re-assemble the nozzle and replace the cleaning solution with fog liquid.

3 . Do not operate if output is reduced or if there is any loud noise from the unit. If either,

unplug the unit. Check the fog liquid level in the tank and that the controller is firmly
attached. If there is liquid in the tank and the controller is firmly attached, plug the unit back
in and allow it to reach operating temperature. If the problem persists, contact your dealer.

4. Unplug when not in use for long periods.
V. Others
1.Water drops always occur on the nozzle of any fog machine due to condensation.
2.Stray bursts of fog may be emitted during or after the operation.