MBT Lighting FAZER User Manual

Fazer fogger user manual introduction

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FAZER FOGGER User manual


Thank you for choosing an

FAZER Fogger.

You now own a rugged and powerful state-of-the-art machine. Prior to use,

we suggest that you carefully read all of the instructions .By following the suggestions found in this user manual, you can

look forward to the reliable and satisfactory performance of your FAZER Fogger for years to come.


Model No. FAZER

Rating Voltage: 230V/50Hz

Power Consumption: 400W

Fuse: VDE 250V/3.15A

Preheating Time: 9min

Tank capacity: 1.0 Liter

Weight: 4.2kg

Measurement: L375XW168XH180MM

Please follow these operation and safety instructions to ensure a long and safe life
for your FOGGER


Do not overfill your FAZER Fogger. Overfilling will cause the unit to clog

Danger of electric shock

Keep this device dry

For inside use only. Not designed for outside use

For the 230V models, use 3-prong grounded electrical outlet only. Prior to use take care to determine that the unit

installed at the rated voltage.

Forbid the fogger closing up to any flame, flammable and explosive substance to avoid fire and explosive.

Always unplug your FAZER Fogger before filling its tank.

Keep Fogger upright

Turn off


unplug when not in use.

This machine is not water-or splash proof. If moisture, water, or fog liquid gets inside the housing, immediately

unplug the unit and contact a service technician or your Fogger dealer before using it again.

No user serviceable parts inside. Refer to your Fogger dealer or other qualified service personnel.

For adult use only. Fogger must be installed out of the reach of children. Never leave the unit running unattended.

Never aim the output at open flames.

Danger if explosion

Never add flammable liquids of any kind (oil, gas, perfume) to the FAZER FOGGER liquid or the fluid container.

Pay attention to all warning labels and instructions printed on the exterior of your Z-300 Fogger

Use only high-quality liquid or suitable dealer recommended fog fluid

Always make sure there is sufficient liquid in the Fogger liquid tank. Operating this unit without liquid may cause

permanent damage to the machine

If your FAZER Fogger fails to work properly, discontinue use immediately. Drain all Fogger liquid from the tank,