Setup, Important – MBT Lighting FAZER User Manual

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pack the unit securely (preferably in the original packing material), and return it to your fogger dealer for service.

Never drink Fogger liquid. If it is ingested, call a doctor immediately. If Fogger liquid comes in contact with skin

or eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.

Unpacking & Inspection

Open the shipping carton and verify that all equipment necessary to operate the system has arrived intact.

Your FAZER Fogger machine should be accompanied by the following items:

1. This user manual!

2. Power cord

3. ZC-6 multi-function remote control with attached cord

If any equipment is missing contact your Fogger dealer immediately.

Before beginning initial setup of your FAZER Fogger, make sure that there is no evident damage caused by

transportation. In the event that the unit’s housing or cable is damaged, do not plug it in and do not attempt to use it

until after contacting your FAZER Fogger dealer for assistance.


Remove all packing materials from shipping box. Check that all foam and plastic padding is removed.

Clean the spray nozzle to be sure the nozzle without any hindrance. Please contact with your vendor when you find

any destroy or omitting parts.

Place Fogger on a flat surface and remove liquid tank cap.

Pour high quality fog Liquid into the liquid tank, being careful not to exceed the maximum fluid level. DO NOT

OVERFILL. Use only our Fogger Liquid or other dealer-recommended high-quality Fog fluid. Any other types of

fluid can damage the unit. When the container is full ,place the cap back on the liquid tank and tighten.

Your Fogger can only be operated by connecting the ZC-6 remote control into the remote control slot in the back of

the machine


Plug the remote control cord into slot marked remote control on the back of the Fogger machine. Plug the power

cord into a grounded electrical outlet

Turn on the power switch located on the back of the Fogger machine

The red light on the remote control will turn on once the machine is plugged into a power outlet and the on/off

switch is turned on

Once the red light comes on the machine must warm-up .This period varies depending on conditions but should not

take more than 10 minutes under any circumstances

The green light on the remote control will turn on once the machine is ready to produce haze. When the green light

turns on, the machine may be operated using the remote control.

The FAZER Fogger is controlled via the ZC-6 remote control. Please refer to the section titled Remote control

Operation for detailed instruction on the various functions available

Prior to the green light turning on the machine will not haze and the functions will not respond

When the Fogger does not have any liquid in the machine the PC board will shut off the pump so that the machine

will not be damaged. The pump will remain off until fluid is added to the machine

Please clean the machine not more than 40 hours into the mix cleaner consist of 80% pure water and 20% vinegar

as follows.

1. Before use, dismount and clean the nozzle with vinegar to ensure it without any remains.

2. Empty the tank, then pour clean liquid instead of fog liquid to spray until clean liquid runs off.

3. Assemble the nozzle and pour the fog liquid again for next operation.