MBT Lighting FM9000Z User Manual

MBT Lighting Special machinery

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FM9000Z is one kind of our satisfactory and durable fog machine
series, which can be used all kinds of professional performance, Disco
Hall, Music Club, Studio to create special fantastic effects, For your
using conveniently and freely, before operating it, please read this
manual instruction carefully.
I. Specifications:
Model No. FM9000Z
Rating Voltage: AC 120V/60Hz
Power CONSUMPTION: 1000Watts
Fuse: F125V/10A
Preheating Time: 10min
Fog Output; 15000 cuft/min
Bottle: 5 Liter
Measurement: L570 x W 230 x H 310 mm
Weight: 12.0Kgs
II. Operation Directions

Remove all the packing before use, then clean the spray nozzle to
ensure it without any hindrance, Please contact with your vendor if you
find any destroy or omitting parts.
Please the machine horizontally and lose the cap of liquid tank to pour
the high quality fog liquid.

Pull the antenna on the front of FM9000Z and put the plug of control
box into the outlet marked ‘’CONTROL INPUT’’ on FM9000Z rear

Connect the machine with proper power supply (120V one to 120V
power) and ensure the earthling wire to ground safely. Push the switch
on the rear panel to position 1 to preheating the FM9000Z fogger until

the indicator lit up.

FM9000Z controlling means: On line control:
1. On line control through control box, More details of control mean

that you can get functional indication from the main menu of the
panel on the controller.

DURATION: Lasting spray fog;
INTERVAL : Sustaining spray fog;
OUTPUT: Foggy detensity control by pushing this button;

2. Pushing : T I M E R S (yellow button) as timing control,

adjusting“INTERVSL”screw to change timing intervals (Max 10
min, Min 5 min)adjusting “DURATION”screw to change spray
timing(Min 1 sec ,Max 10 sec);

3. Pushing “CONTINUOUS FOGGER” button ,lasting spray and

fog output by “OUTPUT”button controlled.

4. Push the highest priority button “MANUAL”_fog output up to

M a x

v a l u e , ” “ C O N T I N U O U S ” h i g h e r

p r i o r


5. Magnetic rubber at the button of control box. Fogger housing sucked

it easily.

III. Precautions
1. Indoor use only, and prevent the fogger from the moisture and rains.
2. Please the fogger horizontally but the bank angle less than 15°.
3. Be sure leaving enough space for good ventilation, cooling and

away from other objects 20 cm at least.

4. Far away form any child.
5. Forbid the fogger closing up to any flame, flammable and explosive

substance to avoid fire and explosive.

6. Forbid the spray nozzle toward any people, when spraying.
7. Forbid using it when liquid running up and pour high quality liquid