MBT Lighting FM9000Z User Manual

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immediately to avoid damaging the machine.

8. Pour high quality liquid carefully to avoid the liquid overflow

resulting in electrical shortcut.

9. Forbid pouring flammable liquids such as gas, perfume etc.
10. You shall switch off the fogger if you don’t need him .If the fogger

is in a stationary use. Then you must install an additional switch,
which switch off all pole of the power supply.

11. Only special Person can exchange the power cord.

IV. Normal Exceptions and Maintenance
Unqualified fog liquid results in block or leakage please choose and use
our high quality fog oil.
Please clean the machine not more than 40 hours into the mix cleaner
consist of 80% pure water and 20% vinegar as follows.
A. Before use, dismount and clean the nozzle with vinegar to ensure it

without any remains.

B. Empty the tank, and then pour clean liquid instead of fog liquid

again for next operation.

C. Assemble the nozzle and pour the fog liquid again for next


Cut off the power when poor fog liquid_fuse , plug of control box and
power plug carefully.
If no exceptions turns on and push the button 30 seconds, no fog sprays
also. Please contact with your vendor.
For long idleness, be sure to unplug the power.

V. Others
Water drops always occurs on the nozzle of any fog machine because of
air cooled.
A little fog may spray during or after the operation.
Auto stop working under the temperature down to the certain point .and
start next preheating period until the temperature up to spraying point.

VI. Packing List
Fog machine: 1PC
Controller: 1PC

M a n u a l

I n s t r u c t i o n


1 P C