Operational instruction, Importants – MBT Lighting DMX6 User Manual

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1. power indicator
2. master slider
3. slave slider (control channel 6)
4. slave slider( control channel 5)
5. slave slider (control channel 4)
6. slaveslider (control channel 3)
7. slave slider(control channel 2)
8. slave slider(control channel1)

Operational instruction

After connecting power source,switch on.the power indicator is on.
Adjust DMX value by sliders.


Forbid using it in rainy,moist places in case of electronic short.
Use ordinary 6F22 battery which can sustain 5 hours.
DMX socket polarity: 1---Ground 2---Data- 3---Data+
DMX output address range:0~5
Address 0=channel1
Address1 =channel 2 and by analogy,address5=channel5