Operating instruction – MBT Lighting DMX32 User Manual

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4.Operating Instruction

1. Programming


Delete all the previously set Scenes.

Steps: Hold down the PROGRAM key first, and then click the SCENE selection key
1,5,6,8 orderly. The program indicator will light, which means the controller is at an
editable stage, meanwhile it means that all the previously set scenes are deleted.
2>. Edit new Scenes
This controller can edit a maximum of 16 Scenes at a time. Users can find
numbers 1-16 on the control interface, which representing 1-16 scenes. Meanwhile this
controller can control up to 32 lamps. Users need to use page (Page A or B) button to
select the lamps to be controlled. Page A represents 1-16 lamps, Page B represents
17-32 lamps.
Steps: When editing, the number 1-16 represents 1-16 scenes accordingly. Press any
number from 1-16 to edit the corresponding scenes, the corresponding indicator will
light. For example, when edit No. 1 scene, the indicator above the No. 1 will light. At
this point users can push slider and PAGE button to set the DMX values of each channel.
When the edition of No.1 scene is completed, hold down the PROGRAM key to confirm
the setting. After confirmation, it will enter edition of the No. 2 scene automatically, and
the indicator above the No. 2 on the interface will light. Users can push slider and PAGE
button to set the DMX values of each channel, then press the PROGRAM key to
confirm. After confirmation, it will enter the next SCENE automatically and orderly,
and the next scene is to be edited.
3>. Save the newly set Scenes
When all the scenes are edited, users need to save all the setting.
Steps: Hold down the PROGRAM key, then press BLACKOUT button until the
program indicator turns off, release the key to exit programming mode. All the settings
have been saved.

2. Working Modes

Press the MODE button, there are two modes to be selected, first CHASE mode,
second MANUAL mode. Under CHASE mode, fader 13 controls the operation of the
direction of CHASE, fader 14 controls the overall output, fader 15 controls the running
speed of CHASE, and fader 16 controls the running FADE of CHASE. In MANUAL
mode, user can set the output value of each channel by pushing 1-16 faders and PAGE