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aintenance and care (continued)

Maintaining TurboBrush

the turbobrush should be checked regularly for

clogs or debris wrapping around the brush.
Unplug the vacuum from electrical outlet.

2. If a clog is present or debris is visible, unscrew

the two screws on the back of the TurboBrush to

remove the faceplate and clear any obstructions.

3. To clean debris from the brush, remove the

brush from the drive belt and clean debris.

4. Reposition the drive belt on the brush.

Place ends of brush in slots on sides as

shown. Reposition faceplate and secure with

two screws.

Maintaining pet hair TurboBrush

Select models only

Use for removing pet hair from stairs,

upholstery, area rugs and other small areas.
Attach to the end of the hose or extension


2. Pull toward you in a raking motion. Press gently

when using the Pet Hair TurboBrush to gain

maximum cleaning. Too much pressure could

damage the pet hair grabbers or cause the

brush to stop rotating.

See standard turbobrush instructions above for

storage and maintenance information.

notE: this tool is designed to remove pet

hair from upholstered or carpeted surfaces.

It should not be used on pets.



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