Bissell 6 3 9 0 User Manual

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Attach vacuum hose and tools

1. Line up the tabs on the base of the Twist ‘n

Snap hose with the corresponding notches

on the hose collar as shown.

2. Turn the Twist ‘n Snap hose to the left

to lock the hose into place.

3. Connect the curved hose wand to the hose.

Grasping the curved hose wand, slide the

end of the curved hose wand onto the hose

wand base. Snap the hose into the hose clip.

notE: the vacuum will not operate effectively

unless the curved hose wand is firmly attached.

4. Slide the extension wand and crevice tool

together into the storage clip as shown.

5. Slide the dusting brush/upholstery tool into

the storage clip as shown.

6. Attach the TurboBrush by snapping it onto

the top cap of the upper tank.

Power switch

the power Switch is located just below the

handle on the front of the vacuum. push the

rocker switch “on” (I) to vacuum, and “off” (o)

when cleaning is complete.


ssembling your vacuum (continued)


w w w . b i s s e l l . c a

8 0 0 . 2 6 3 . 2 5 3 5

for above floor cleaning, the

floor brush continue to rotate but

is raised above floor. to prevent

carpet damage, do not lean on

the vacuum or let the powerfoot

tilt forward.

to avoid personal injury

and to prevent the cleaner

from falling when cleaning

stairs, always place it at

the bottom of the stairs.


ow to use your vacuum

before using your vacuum,

make sure that the dirt

container is in the locked

position and that all filters

(pre-motor and hEpa post-

motor) are in place. Do not

operate your vacuum

without these filters.


Twist 'n

Snap Hose


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