Soyntec VIPFONER 290 User Manual

Product introduction

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1. Product Introduction

VIPFONER 290 is a USB phone which designed for Skype software. You may control the Skype
software just only press the keys of the phone. Through the keypad, it will operate the dialing
function, selecting the phone list. Beside, the echo-eliminating technology will improve the voice
quality. VIPFONER 290 also supports MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger. You may just
install by correct way, it will be very convenient just like a normal phone.

1.1 Features

LCD display caller ID contact lists and calling lists
Compliant USB 1.1 specification
Compliable with VoIP ( Voice over Internet Protocol ) solutions, such as Skype, MSN

Messenger and Yahoo Messenger

Built in hot key functions to operate Skype software as easy as dialing a normal telephone
Skype hot keys: Up , Down , 0 ~ 9 , * , # , Dial , Hang Up , Hold , Info
Built in speaker and microphone
Echo-eliminating for better sound quality
Buzzer function for incoming call alerts
Fashion look and human design
5 types of hold music and 10 types of ringers

1.2 Package Contents

VIPFONER 290 USB phone x 1
Installation CD x 1 ( API Software and user manual )
User Manual x 1
USB cable x 1