Soyntec VIPFONER 290 User Manual

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6. FAQ

Q1 Skype is launched, but it has no response when I pick up the handset and press key using my

USB phone

A1. Make sure your Skype is allowed to be accessed by the provided API. Please refer

2.3 Install

the API software.

Q2. While using messenger software or Skype, the voice is played from the PC sound card instead

from the USB phone.

A2. Make sure your software is configured to USB phone as audio device. Refer

3.5 Adjust

Volume and 2.4 Setting Audio and Sound Device.

In MSN Messenger please refer

5.1 MSN Messenger setting.

In Skype please refer

2.3 Install the API Software.

Q3. There is no voice comes out when play music?
A3. Please execute the

Control Panel Sound and Audio Devices, set the default device of

Sound playback and Sound Recording to PC’s sound card, it shown as below:

Q4. When using the USB phone, the talker cannot hear my voice.
A4. Check if your USB phone is set to mute.