3 using vipfoner ™ 290 – Soyntec VIPFONER 290 User Manual

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9. When you finish installing the API software, the red telephone will show in the system tray.

The icon display different status as follows.

USB Phone In-used / Skype On-line

Can’t Find USB Phone

Can’t Find Skype

Skype Isn’t installed

2.4 Setting Audio and Sound Device

Open Skype window, click

Tools Options Sound Devices. In the items “Audio In” and

“Audio Out”, please select to

USB AUDIO DEVICE, then click Save.

3 Using Vipfoner 290

3.1 Basic Operation and Options

In initial mode. Press


for entering the skype table mode,

Hang up

for quit.


select Skype table , Press


to enter the table ,

Hang up

for quit.