Vararam C5 VR Power Duct User Manual

C5 vr power duct installation instructions

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C5 VR Power Duct installation instructions.

First note -The VR power duct is designed to be used with many different air induction systems not just VR sys-

tems. We include extra hose length both front and rear for you to trim to allow for a custom fit for your application.

Kit contents

1 VR power duct

3 pieces of red silicon hose

4 hose clamps

(Mass Air Not Included)

Please read completely through if at any point you have questions please call us at 713-899-6456 or drop our tech

an e-mail at [email protected]

Slip 4-inch hose over the front of the duct and tighten with supplied clamp. Fit this end to your vehicle 1st this will

allow you to set the height of the duct, custom trim if needed, otherwise use a second clamp and tighten to your air

box of choice.

Your stock MAF will insert directly into the rear of the VR duct (years 2001-2004), If you have an early car 1997-

2000 you will do the same, however, you will use duct part number VRD2. The MAF will insert firmly tighten

clamp completely

Using supplied 1 inch hose (3.5X1) slip this over the back of your MAF, its being used as a slip fit. Using remaining

2X4 hose, lay this hose next to the mouth of the throttle body and the back of the MAF, mark and cut accordingly.

YOU MUST USE the 1inch slip fit hose to match up the throttle body OD to the MAF OD . The tail of the MAF is

smaller than the mouth of your throttlebody, use of this slip hose evens out the OD’s

One final and critical step!

Once completed with the installation fire up your car and run the engine with the hood shut for 5min or so to reach

max temp, basically heat soak the engine compartment! Now go back and tighten the MAF to VR duct connection

with a socket wrench, this will create a precision fit between the MAF and VR duct