Vararam VR-SDR GTO/Holden User Manual

Gto/holden (vr-sdr) instructions, The all new pontiac gto/holden, vr-sdr

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The All new Pontiac GTO/Holden, VR-SDR

(Vararam - Super Duty Racing Cold Air Induction System)

GTO/Holden (VR-SDR) Instructions

Tools needed

1. Flat head screwdriver or 8mm socket

2. Rotary saw with cutoff wheel (dremel)

3. Wire cutters

4. 30-45 min

Read the instructions completely through before beginning the installation, this includes the FAQ section.

We want your feed back, so drop us an email ([email protected]) or call us direct and let us know your


The GTO/Holden vehicle has a 3/4 inch variation from left to right and front to back and the engine is

twisted in the frame. We have made adjustments in the kit to allow for just about any combination. If you

run into something different during your install , don’t panic, our R&D department has over 20 different

combinations, just call us direct at 713-477-8100 and we will get you set up with what you need.

If you are uncomfortable with any aspect of this installation, simply allow a qualified installation techni-

cian to do the install for you.