Vararam VR-SC1 User Manual

C-6 snake charmer installation instructions, Read carefully before beginning installation!!!!!), Tools needed for basic install

background image

C-6 Snake charmer

installation instructions



Tools needed for basic install:

1. Flathead screwdriver

2. # 6 Allen wrench or set of Allen wrenches

3. Box knife (if you are cutting the shroud)( DO NOT USE A LONG BLADED KNIFE)

4. 10mm socket

5. White out or marker

6. For technical assistance please call 713-899-6456 or 866-507-2648

Installation (Pics #1, 2, 3)

Disconnect negative end of the battery.

Remove hose clamps from factory throttle body. Pull up on Air Bridge, this will release with a pop. Pull air box back

towards the engine, this will also release with a pop.

Disconnect mass airflow meter, may need small flathead for this,

Remove air intake system.

Unscrew small factory tabs as shown (use pliers)

Assemble VR system outside of the car (Pics # 4)

Assemble as show in picture

Install screws in to bracket , use rubber washers on out side of bracket, these will go between bracket and VR duct,

3 spacers per side

Install VR filter in to VR upper air box, The snake charmer now has a perimeter gasket that encases the air filter .

This will be very tight, start in the middle and slide the filter in moving towards the outer edges as shown.

Put lower and upper ducts together using the T- handle latches, gaskets will overlap creating even tighter seal.

Check duct for seal, by visual inspection, duct should be good and stiff

Cutting the shroud (Pics #5, 6, 7, 8)

Using VR supplied template, place between two lower dimples at the lower portion of the frame rail. Trace the

template as shown, use a white marker or white out.

Using box knife( DO NOT USE A LONG BLADED KNIFE, blade should not be longer than 1-1.5 inches in length)

stab the shroud to make initial cut. You can use a dremel here but it tends to melt as it cuts due to its high RPM

Install supplied trim material, clamp down on this with pliers as these contain metal clamps inside the material for

a good grip.