Dulce Systems PRO IDC with g2 trays User Manual

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PRO IDC Installation and User’s Manual

Advanced / Search method could take up to 5 minutes to cover the entire search
range. This operation is only needed to be performed once, after discovery the
RAID Manager will remember the IP Address.

5.2.2. Login

The Systems Found list will show the discovered PRO IDCs. Double click on an
entry to start the login.





Mac user


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PRO IDC Installation and User’s Manual


RAID System Information

The System Information screen (under the Monitoring menu) provides a quick
overview of the PRO IDC configuration. The PRO IDC has two independent
RAID controllers. Each half is configured and managed separately.

The System Information shows the status and configuration of the physical drives
connected, the RAID setup and the Volumes assigned under each RAID.

This screen shot is of the left controller, showing disks 1 to 8 of which it