Dulce Systems PRO IDC with g2 trays User Manual

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PRO IDC Installation and User’s Manual


RAID Creation

A new PRO IDC is normally pre-configured and formatted, you might not need to
go through this process, check the Pre-Configuration sheet that came with the
PRO IDC for details.

There are two independent RAID controllers in the PRO IDC, each half is
managed separately.

If you are changing the RAID configuration, you will need to 1st delete the RAID
then create a new RAID, see the Delete RAID section in this manual.

Creating a RAID set is easy; 1st create a RAID set of your choice with the disk
drives attached. 2nd create a Logical Volume under the new RAID set.

Click on the RAID menu and select Create. Select your desired options and click
Next. A number of preset RAID Profiles are provided.

The Media Server – No Init profile will give you instant RAID availability, no need
to wait for long RAID format.

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PRO IDC Installation and User’s Manual

Check the Use All Disks or individually select each disk for the RAID.

Enter a name for the RAID and Logical Volume, they are only used within RAID
Manager, this is not a name you will see in your operating system.

You can use ‘IDC-Left’ or ‘IDC-Right’ to better describe the two for the RAID and
Volume names.