Alarm conditions / degraded raid set – Dulce Systems PRO IDC with g2 trays User Manual

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PRO IDC Installation and User’s Manual

6. Alarm Conditions / Degraded RAID Set

There are several possible sources for alarms, the front and rear indicators and
the RAID Management will provide the details of the alarm.

Mute Alarm:

1) Alarm Reset button in

the rear of unit.

Controller Alarm
confirmed with a red
ALT indicator.

• Temperature

(enclosure detected over heating condition)

• Fan (enclosure cooling fan not operational, could lead to overheating)
• RAID related problem such as a failed disk drive.

2) Reset button at the top

front left of unit.

3) RAID Manager GUI.

RAID Alarm

• Degraded RAID Set

(one or more drives not
detected or down)

• Temperature (RAID

Controller detected
over heating)

RAID Manager > Monitoring > Enclosure Front/Back View. Double click on the
yellow bell.

The Event Viewer screen provides a log of events which triggered the alarm. To
view it, from the Monitoring menu, click on Event Viewer.

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PRO IDC Installation and User’s Manual


Replacing a Disk Module

A defective Disk Module can be easily replaced. Hot swapping is allowed without
interruption to your workflow if the RAID is operating in one of the drive
redundant RAID mode (1,5,6).

In a redundant RAID mode, rebuild will start automatically after replacement of a
defective module.

• Pull the Lock Pin to the right and pull the Disk Module out.

The RAID rebuild will consume some processing power from the overall
operation speed of the PRO IDC, the rebuild can be suspended during time
sensitive operations.

From RAID Manager, click on RAID > Modify. Select the RAID on the left side,
then click on Stop Rebuild at the lower right.

The audible alarm will sound, follow the Alarm Condition / Mute Alarm to handle