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Duo-FireWire Installation and User’s Manual

4. Installation

You are just a few small steps away from having extra storage for your next block

buster creation.

• Ensure the power switch of the Duo-FireWire is in the off (0) position.
• Attach the power connector from the power module to the Duo-FireWire

(flat side down).

• Attach the AC power cord to the power module.
• Attach the AC power cord to an AC power source.
• Attach the Duo-FireWire to computer with one of the supplied FireWire or

USB cables.

• Switch the Duo-FireWire on (1).

The Duo-FireWire is pre-configured for RAID 0

(performance striping) and pre-formatted for Mac OS

X. The Duo-FireWire drive icon will simply pop up on

your desktop.

Windows operation will require a format/partition process. The Duo-

FireWire is already pre-configured in RAID 0, simply run the Windows

Disk Management utility to prepare the Duo-FireWire for Windows

usage. See the Format and Partitioning section of this manual.


Power Cable Connection

Use only the power module supplied with your Duo-FireWire. Not all

power modules with the same plug are compatible.

Flat side down.

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Duo-FireWire Installation and User’s Manual


Data Cable Connection

Use either FireWire or USB connection, but not both.

The preferred data connection is FireWire 800, it will provide optimal

performance. Your computer must also support FireWire 800.

Duo-FireWire also supports FireWire 400, but the performance would be about


USB 2.0 will result in least performance.

FireWire 800 (Preferred)

FireWire 400




Use FW800 to FW800 cable

FireWire 800

FireWire 400 (6 pin)



Use FW800 to FW400 cable



Use USB 2.0 A to B cable