HCO NX50 User Manual

Page 12

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7. SD card is not recognized in camera

a. If the SD card is formatted on a computer or other camera, it may not be recognized by

this unit. Use this unit to format the SD card.

b. Ensure that SD card is not greater than 16 GB in size
c. Ensure SD card is not locked
d. Try different brand of SD card for compatibility

8. SD card is inserted into another device and is not recognized

a. SD card may be formatted differently than device can recognize
b. The camera file system is generally compatible with other digital cameras; however, it is

recommended not using the same SD card in different cameras to avoid possible file
system conflicts.

9. Color or brightness is different between pictures at same time of day and during burst


a. Camera has sophisticated light metering calculations to optimize pictures in all settings;

light intensity may change between pictures causing the difference.

b. During burst mode, the first picture is taken quickly for fast trigger speed; increased light

metering occurs between first and second picture resulting in different color or

10. Battery level on display is low despite using new batteries

a. Ensure battery type is selected correctly.
b. Rechargeable batteries run on lower voltage than alkaline resulting in display variation.

Some rechargeable batteries will display low power even though they are fully charged.

c. Cold weather will reduce battery output

11. Low Power problems

a. When the camera power is low the system will not be stable, you may observe

abnormal screen displays or automatic camera reboot. Change your batteries.

12. Camera fails to detect motion.

a. Ensure batteries test full; replace batteries if necessary
b. Ensure SD card is NOT locked and compatible with camera; take test pictures

in „Live

Preview‟ mode.


Ensure „Quiet Time‟ and/or „Duty Time‟ are set correctly

d. Ensure camera is mounted correctly. Note: hot weather, humidity, and rain will reduce

PIR sensing distance; move camera closer if required.

e. Typically mounting the camera at a height of 3-4 feet will maximize detection distance,

this will depend slightly on the size of game you are trying to observe.

f. Camera may be pointed up too high or down thereby allowing game to walk under or

over the PIR motion detection window; adjust camera position and try again.

13. Images are blurry (stills or motion)

a. UWAY offers some of the best picture quality. Although we try to cover every scenario,

it is important to realize that different environments and conditions will affect the picture

b. Blurry still images may result from interference with focal points; for example distance

from camera, trees, brush, may affect focus point.