HCO NX50 User Manual

Page 13

background image


c. Fog, condensation, water drops, snow, dust, direct sunlight, etc can all reduce picture


d. Motion blur may result when object moves too quickly. Blur will be compounded during

night and low light situations. The UWAY camera has been finely tuned to maximize
picture quality while balancing other interactions such as battery life, trigger speed, and
IR lighting distance.

14. Night images are dark

a. Ensure batteries are fully charged. Try high quality NiMH rechargeable batteries.
b. Cold temperature will reduce battery output to IR lights.
c. Remove brush, grass, and other debris that may prevent IR light from reaching its


15. Too many empty pictures/video or false triggers

a. Ensure camera is mounted on a solid surface; trees and surface may move in wind

causing camera to trigger falsely.

b. Adjust camera height and angle.
c. Remove brush and branches from detection zone that may be triggering camera.
d. A close running animal/human may make it across detection zone before triggering the


e. Sunlight and heat waves may result in certain scenarios of false triggers; position

camera in different location.

Call UWAY customer support for more information and help with camera if needed.