Item check list, Needed for operation – HCO NX50 User Manual

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Thank you for Purchasing your UWAY Product

The UWAY NightXplorer is a high quality digital surveillance camera. It has been precisely engineered
and tuned to provide you with optimal and consistent performance. This camera will provide high
quality digital pictures and sound recording video for applications such as home, cabin, and business
surveillance and animal monitoring for hunting and research. It features a highly sensitive Passive
Infra-Red (PIR) motion sensor and numerous setting options to tailor the camera to your particular

Item Check List

See that the following items are included with your camera. Contact your dealer if anything is missing.


USB cable

Nylon mounting strap

Video Cable

Warranty Card

Needed for Operation

1. Eight (8) AA Alkaline, Lithium, or NiMH Rechargeable Batteries

2. SD or SDHC Card (up to 16 GB capacity max)