HCO SR1-WCDi User Manual

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Quick Start


Make sure the power switch is at OFF position. Load the batteries into

the battery compartment according to the polarities indicated. Load a

set of 12 (recommended), 8 or 4 (emergency, left 2 columns) batteries.

Or connect 6 V external power supply to the camera by using the

correct cable and external battery.

The following batteries can be used:

High-performance alkaline batteries

Lithium batteries

Rechargeable Ni-MH batteries


Insert a SD card (32GB or smaller). Open the camera and insert the SD

card into the card slot. Refer to the card symbol on the case for proper

orientation. The camera supports up to 32 GB SD card. Please note that

the SD-card should not be locked.


Insert a SIM card.


Screw the antenna onto the antenna jack on the top of the camera.

Make sure it’s all the way in but DO NOT over tight it.


Slide the power switch to the SETUP position. The camera will enter the

live preview mode and start searching the network.


Wait until the camera finds the network. If the wireless carrier is not

found, you will need to go to the Advanced Wireless Setup section on

Page 10. If the wireless carrier is found, please go to the next step.


Press button to enter into the menu, then press

◄ or ► buttons

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